Extra virgin olive oil and nutritional qualities

The extra virgin olive oil is universally considered the best seasoning, the most extraordinary seasoning enhancer but it is also among the healthiest fatty acids as modern nutrition teaches.

Olive oil isn’t considered only a simple seasoning but it is also appreciated and required for its additional features such as: the high caloric value and especially the moderate presence of saturated fatty acids, mainly responsible of the cholesterolaemia and of the onset  of cardiovascular diseases.

In particular, the high quantity of the oleic acid (monounsaturated fatty acid) and the moderate presence of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids certainly make olive oil a recommended product from the dietetic point of view, but essentially for the children’s daily diet.

Its food importance, due also to the abundant tocopherols and phenolic compounds, having a considerable antioxidant activity able to contrast the action of free radicals, enhances the desirability of food, reducing the drastic secretion and stimulating the production of bile.

These and many others are the main virtues of this food making it a unique and necessary life companion.


Credits: Ideapositivo

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