The oil a product rich in history

The olive tree has an ancient origin, its history mixes up with those of people of the Mediterranean that made the symbol of life and prosperity. Its origin is attributable to western Asia area, and it quickly spread in the whole Mediterranean basin. Its thousand-year old development has brought it from arid and desolate plains of Armenia and from high jagged coasts of Attica to the West, the Atlantic Ocean. Olive tree has found the best living conditions in our Peninsula. It was introduced to Phoenician and Greek navigators but the Arabs and the Romans spread its plantation along the fertile valleys and the sunny hills of our Peninsula. And since then … the Italian oil is known and appreciated worldwide for its nutritional value: for centuries in our country producing high quality olive oil is an art that is handed down, preserving the wisdom in making harvesting, milling and storage. We of Mira company¬† are¬† in this historic journey and we have given our small and valuable contribution.


Credits: Ideapositivo

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