Rules to be respected to obtain a high quality oil

To obtain an oil of quality, the olives must be picked at the right degree of maturity, directly from the tree, by hand or using mechanical means, paying attention to avoid the break of the fruits. The transformation must take place in a cool environment in accordance with hygienic rules.

It needs to defoliate olives before the transformation to avoid that oil has a bitter and astringent flavour. It needs to wash olives preferably with special washing machines to remove soil, mud and deteriorated parts.

Producing carefully the milling.

Carrying out the kneading operation that, through the slow agitation of the paste, allows to obtain the separation of oil. Carrying out the extraction that can occur through pressure systems, percolation or centrifugation. At the end, producing the clarification of the wort oil.

Thanks to this operation, that is carried out by the centrifuge,  oil is separated from  water. Oil that comes out must appear “veiled”.


Credits: Ideapositivo

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